Why Working with a Recruiter is Best

There are a number of attorneys who spend their entire careers in the first law firm that offered them a position out of law school. On the other hand, most attorneys don’t find their dream firm on their first shot. During the course of one’s career, there can be hiccups, inflection points, and lifechanging decisions that will affect his or her career path. In the case when an attorney realizes they are at a crossroads with their career path, moving to another law firm can be beneficial. However, the task of finding a legal job is timeconsuming, competitive, and vast; this is where a legal recruiter is the best option.


For one, legal recruiters are experts at what they do: placing top candidates with top law firms. They know the inside information going through the firm, the law firm’s culture, hiring trends, salaries, and much more information you cannot find online or hear through the grapevine. They usually have a strong relationship with the firm’s hiring manager or partner(s) and know what type of attorney will fit best in the firm’s culture. This gives legal recruiters an advantage in the job searching process that candidates usually do not have access to.


In addition, legal recruiters value your time. When going about your legal job search on your own, sometimes your resume can get shuffled around and pushed aside due to the large number of applications received. Because of this, you may spend more time than wanted searching for your next career move. Working with a legal recruiter, he or she will make sure your resume will end up in the right hands. It’s the recruiter’s job to make sure they get your name and resume out there into the legal job pool, and up toward the surface to be seen by the hiring managers, rather than just glanced over.


Besides helping you get your name out there, legal recruiters are great support systems when it comes to career decisions. Career choices are very fluid; because of this, they can lack the stability many of us seek. Legal recruiters will work with you to find the best firm for your career path, personality, and much more. They may also be able to help you relocate to another state if needed. In addition, they are avid about being a good guide. Before an interview, the recruiter usually runs down all the small details about the firm that will help you feel more comfortable about the interview. The more you know, the less likely you are to be nervous, and the interview will flow more easily. They are also good to keep around for any and all legal career advice.
Overall, working with a legal recruiter with excellent judgement, knowledge, network, and motivation can boost your legal career in the long run. Hard work, relationship building, and knowledge are some of the key methods a good legal recruiter uses to assist in the overall job process. If you are thinking of making a legal career change, contact us at The RMN Agency. Our ultimate goal is to make sure our candidates’ job search goes smoothly, and that they are are happy with their new career choice.

2 thoughts on “Why Working with a Recruiter is Best”

  1. Kylie Dotts says:

    I really like how you said that legal recruiters are experts and have the inside information going through the firm. I think too often we take for granted the vast amounts of schooling and preparation that people working in the legal field have and we don’t really realize that they are experts in what they do! It would be a really good idea for anyone to take advantage of the knowledge that these kinds of professionals have at their disposal.

  2. Bonnie Youn says:

    Thank you so much Kylie–appreciate your thoughtfulness in reading this. Yes, legal recruiters really do have the insider knowledge on firms. If you had to shoot a target a mile away, and you had the choice of using a shotgun versus a powerful sniper rifle, which would you choose? A smarter, more targeted approach through a recruiter is always the best answer!

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