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happy mothers day

Lawyer Moms and Their Legal Careers

In my personal life, my mother was my inspiration to pursue a career in the law (she was my legal role model). Professionally, I have had the honor of getting to know many great “lawyer moms.” In honor of mother’s...

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Using the Summer to Maximize Success for Legal Recruiting and Job Searching

April is coming to a close and May is approaching, which means law students are preparing for exams and excited for the summer. One of the most common questions I receive during this time comes from law students and legal...

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What Is an Equity Partner?

Becoming a partner in a law firm is a long-term goal for most associates, spending several years working, building the experience and skill set it takes in hopes of getting promoted to partnership. Once they have acquired their status in...

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Legal Recruiting – a Law Student’s P.O.V., part 2

Relationships are everything to recruiters.  Human connection and understanding are the most valuable tools.  Placing a lawyer at a firm where that lawyer will not be happy may yield a short-term profit, but will ultimately cost the recruiter a great...

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Legal Recruiting – a Law Student’s P.O.V., part 1

As a third-year law student at Emory University, I have been well-positioned to witness the mess the great recession has made of the entry-level legal job market over the past few years.  Luckily, I met Raj Nichani last semester and...

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