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Keeping an Eye Out for the Right Lateral Opportunity

How’s the job search going? Responses to how a job search depend on where a searcher is looking, how the searcher is looking, and who the searcher is working with.Ever wondered why it seems like every other attorney that even...

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Cornell Law School Library

Thinking Like a Lawyer Is Not Enough To Succeed in the Best Law Jobs

Law school famously trains law students to learn how to “think like a lawyer.” But that’s not enough to succeed in your legal career. Today’s lawyer needs to do more than just “think” like a lawyer. Today’s lawyer must be...

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Chalk Think Outside Of The Box

Lawyer + [Something Else] = Best Law Job

What are the best law jobs? Is it in immigration, or real estate? Is it in corporate law? If you ask lawyers about their jobs, you will find that the most fulfilled lawyers are “lawyers + [something else].” These are...

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New Year’s Resolutions: Can you keep them?

 New Year's Resolutions It is that time of year again, a time when unrealistic goals are set and often forgotten about one month into the new year.  What is the value in setting a New Year's resolution you know you...

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