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Time to Work with Your Legal Recruiter! Associate Hiring Trends in the Atlanta Legal Market

Now is an excellent time to partner with a recruiter to practice in Atlanta. Consider the following indicators: Competition for legal talent is creating a lot of opportunity. The BigLaw marketplace is becoming more competitive in Atlanta. Top firms that...

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What Legal Recruiters Look for in Candidates

Do you remember what your first encounter with a legal recruiter was like? Did you hear a recruiter speak during a law school career panel? Maybe you had a drink at a bar association networking event? Or were you the...

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alternative careers becoming legal recruiter

Alternative Careers: Becoming a Legal Recruiter

Being a legal recruiter is very similar in comparison to being an attorney. Both careers have a strong connection with their clients and attorneys within their circle. They also base their careers on their book of business to help them...

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How to Get Out of Job Search Burnout

Searching for a new job or career move can become a tiresome task. Let’s say it has been some time since you have started your job search, and you have not have much luck in finding a new job. Many...

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Why Working with a Recruiter is Best | The RMN Agency, Atlanta Legal Recruiters, Atlanta Georgia

Why Working with a Recruiter is Best

There are a number of attorneys who spend their entire careers in the first law firm that offered them a position out of law school. On the other hand, most attorneys don’t find their dream firm on their first shot....

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Optimizing Your Profile on LinkedIn | The RMN Agency, Atlanta Legal Recruiters, Atlanta Georgia

Optimizing Your Profile on LinkedIn

Keywords are one of the main elements that helps people to find you online. Making sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized to be searched may not be at the top of your list of priorities, but it does help you...

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