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Super Bowl Lessons for Lawyers

Atlanta will be hosting the 53rd Super Bowl, where the Pats and the Rams will face off.   We would like to take a quick moment to pay homage to a sporting event that has really become a staple of...

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Cornell Law School Library

Thinking Like a Lawyer Is Not Enough To Succeed in the Best Law Jobs

Law school famously trains law students to learn how to “think like a lawyer.” But that’s not enough to succeed in your legal career. Today’s lawyer needs to do more than just “think” like a lawyer. Today’s lawyer must be...

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Happy Lawyers Get the Best Law Jobs

What makes a happy lawyer? Do they even exist? (Yes…they do). Does the job make the lawyer, or does the lawyer make the job? Are certain types of practices like immigration law or working in a family law court more...

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shadow reflection

The Key to Successful Law Firm Hiring is Your Reputation

In the 80’s, Joan Jett made a famous song about not caring about a “bad reputation.” It was a fun song that helped springboard her career—but what worked for her music career is not something that works well in a...

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The Chainsmokers

Millennials and Digital Communities Reshaping the Legal Profession in 2018

What’s Reshaping the Legal Profession in 2018? Granted, we are only two months into the new year. While there aren’t specific shakeups that haven’t already been identified in 2017, this year will be marked by two key shifts: 1) Millennial...

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Self-Care: Managing Your Stress

The life of an attorney can be a roller coaster: some weeks are slow and steady while other days can be full of chaos and long hours. Stress is an inevitable part of a legal career that is bound to...

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How to Get Out of Job Search Burnout

Searching for a new job or career move can become a tiresome task. Let’s say it has been some time since you have started your job search, and you have not have much luck in finding a new job. Many...

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Business Man

The Art of a Handshake

First impressions can make or break any encounter. Research has found that a good handshake declares stability, agreeableness, and conscientiousness in an individual. Because of this, a person can decipher many personal qualities by this simple gesture. Handshakes are still an important part...

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Rules of the Resume | The RMN Agency, Atlanta Legal Recruiters, Atlanta Georgia

Rules of the Resume

Your resume is an important piece of your career. Like any other career, it’s good to make sure you keep it up to date with all of your activities as an attorney. You never know when you may need to...

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German Law Group’s Interesting Ad | The RMN Agency, Atlanta Legal Recruiters, Atlanta Georgia

German Law Group’s Interesting Ad

Advertising is a large part of keeping a business afloat. This is true for all businesses, including law firms. Finding new ways to reach potential clients is an ever-changing challenge for law firms. They must keep up with what is...

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