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Digital Trends in the Legal Field: The Exciting and the Concerning

Technological innovations continuously change the way we work and interact with each other. Some of these innovations can lead to exciting improvements in both our personal lives and our careers, but others might be cause for concern. What are law...

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Understanding the Keys to Lateral Success

So you’re working with a new firm! Congratulations! While there’s a lot to enjoy in this exciting new chapter of your career, you need to be prepared for some the specific challenges you will face as a lateral attorney. We...

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Preparing for a Graceful Exit to Begin Life at a New Firm

“When is your last day again?” This is a question that you will hear when you are preparing to leave your current employer and transition to a new employer. It probably feels a little weird to be asked that question...

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Using the Summer to Maximize Success for Legal Recruiting and Job Searching

April is coming to a close and May is approaching, which means law students are preparing for exams and excited for the summer. One of the most common questions I receive during this time comes from law students and legal...

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Developing Emotional Agility to Thrive in Any Legal Job

Why do most attorneys who are already employed with legal jobs looking for other law firm jobs? There are many answers, but I have found that the most common issue that the many reasons boil down to is this: the...

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Happy Lawyers Get the Best Law Jobs

What makes a happy lawyer? Do they even exist? (Yes…they do). Does the job make the lawyer, or does the lawyer make the job? Are certain types of practices like immigration law or working in a family law court more...

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Millennials and Digital Communities Reshaping the Legal Profession in 2018

What’s Reshaping the Legal Profession in 2018? Granted, we are only two months into the new year. While there aren’t specific shakeups that haven’t already been identified in 2017, this year will be marked by two key shifts: 1) Millennial...

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Myths About Workaholics

Do workaholics get more negative recognition than necessary? According to studies, the perceived harmful effects from overworking are not from the amount of work given, but the person’s beliefs and emotions related to the work. David Ogilvy, a famous advertising...

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Moving from Private Practice to In-House

        Moving from being a private practice attorney to an in-house attorney has been viewed as a relief to one’s busy life. However, with more demands on attorneys, the myth of moving in-house to be more relaxed...

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Catfishing: A Rise in Online Impersonation

      Finding ways to protect people from online impersonation has been growing in recent times as the number of victims of e-impersonation, a new phenomenon known as catfishing, has risen. Brought into the spotlight by the MTV show Catfish, and...

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