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Developing Emotional Agility to Thrive in Any Legal Job

Why do most attorneys who are already employed with legal jobs looking for other law firm jobs? There are many answers, but I have found that the most common issue that the many reasons boil down to is this: the...

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Millennials and Digital Communities Reshaping the Legal Profession in 2018

What’s Reshaping the Legal Profession in 2018? Granted, we are only two months into the new year. While there aren’t specific shakeups that haven’t already been identified in 2017, this year will be marked by two key shifts: 1) Millennial...

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Alternative Careers: Becoming a Legal Recruiter

Being a legal recruiter is very similar in comparison to being an attorney. Both careers have a strong connection with their clients and attorneys within their circle. They also base their careers on their book of business to help them...

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Things to Know Before Working in Public Interest Law | The RMN Agency, Atlanta Legal Recruiters, Atlanta Georgia

Things to Know Before Working in Public Interest Law

Working in BigLaw as an in-house attorney is not for everyone. There are a number of law students who want to do something different with their law degrees that is outside the scope of typical legal jobs. Working in public...

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Before Going In-House | The RMN Agency, Atlanta Legal Recruiters, Atlanta Georgia

Before Going In-House…

As an attorney, the range of jobs you can choose from varies depending on what you are looking for when it comes to legal work. Some people work in public defense, politics, litigation, or academia. Many people aim to work...

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becoming a lawyer without a law degree

Becoming a Lawyer Without a Law Degree

There is a small population of people who have taken the Bar exam without stepping foot inside of a law school. How is this possible?   These unique individuals completed a legal apprenticeship rather than a J.D.   Only a...

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Arguments For and Against Two-Year Law School

  The idea of a 2-year law schools is wonderful. It will give law students more flexibility in obtaining their degrees, and may even attract potential students to apply more to law school. It can also help get law schools...

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the new law professor requirements

The New Law Professor: The Changing Requirements

  Most people would expect for a law professor to be someone who has had experience studying and practicing law. A typical, ideal professor would be someone who went to a top law school, did well academically, completed a clerkship...

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Quinn Emanuel Says “Why Not Work from the Beach?”

What are the perks of being a young associate with aspirations to become a successful attorney? Most people would think a bonus is a sufficient perk of joining a law firm. Lately, associates have begun to want more for the...

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