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Thinking Like a Lawyer Is Not Enough To Succeed in the Best Law Jobs

Law school famously trains law students to learn how to “think like a lawyer.” But that’s not enough to succeed in your legal career. Today’s lawyer needs to do more than just “think” like a lawyer. Today’s lawyer must be...

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Don’t Let a Foolish Answer Stop You From Landing The Best Law Jobs

Positioning yourself to land the best law job means impressing legal recruiters and employers. Although most lawyers and law students are comfortable with writing persuasively, many squander the opportunity to maximize making a great impression during their interviews or when...

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The Key to Successful Law Firm Hiring is Your Reputation

In the 80’s, Joan Jett made a famous song about not caring about a “bad reputation.” It was a fun song that helped springboard her career—but what worked for her music career is not something that works well in a...

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The Chainsmokers

Millennials and Digital Communities Reshaping the Legal Profession in 2018

What’s Reshaping the Legal Profession in 2018? Granted, we are only two months into the new year. While there aren’t specific shakeups that haven’t already been identified in 2017, this year will be marked by two key shifts: 1) Millennial...

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Atticus Finch’s Law Firm for Sale | The RMN Agency, Atlanta Legal Recruiters, Atlanta Georgia

Atticus Finch’s Law Firm for Sale

Before Atticus Finch of “To Kill a Mockingbird” became a household name, there was a small law firm office that inspired Harper Lee’s novel. Lee’s father worked at this law firm, which was within an old bank building in her...

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Quinn Emanuel Says “Why Not Work from the Beach?”

What are the perks of being a young associate with aspirations to become a successful attorney? Most people would think a bonus is a sufficient perk of joining a law firm. Lately, associates have begun to want more for the...

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