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Succeeding in Your Legal Career While Waiting for Bar Exam Results

Are you a lawyer yet? This is a weird question for most entry level “lawyers” to answer at this time. Yes, you finished law school and took the bar (or maybe you are a lawyer in another state but since...

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Creating a Uniform Bar Exam | The RMN Agency, Atlanta Legal Recruiters, Atlanta Georgia

Creating a Uniform Bar Exam

If you haven’t already heard, New York announced in May that it will no longer be administering a New York specific exam, and will use the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) starting in July 2016. The New York Court of Appeals...

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becoming a lawyer without a law degree

Becoming a Lawyer Without a Law Degree

There is a small population of people who have taken the Bar exam without stepping foot inside of a law school. How is this possible?   These unique individuals completed a legal apprenticeship rather than a J.D.   Only a...

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