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Getting to GC


Whether you move from a law firm directly into the position or climb the ladder as an in-house attorney, the path to becoming general counsel can be difficult to parse out. Here are some tips on the legal skills and...

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Understanding the Keys to Lateral Success

So you’re working with a new firm! Congratulations! While there’s a lot to enjoy in this exciting new chapter of your career, you need to be prepared for some the specific challenges you will face as a lateral attorney. We...

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Figuring Out Whether a Firm Genuinely Cares About Its Attorneys

How many of you feel that your firm genuinely cares about you? For those of you reading who are employers of other attorneys — how do you think your team would answer that question if you were not around? Working...

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Advancing as In-House Counsel

You’ve gone in house. You’ve made it right? Or maybe you’re not in house and want to make it in house because then you’re set—right? Sort of. On the one hand, you’ve tossed away the billable hour—but that does not...

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shadow reflection

The Key to Successful Law Firm Hiring is Your Reputation

In the 80’s, Joan Jett made a famous song about not caring about a “bad reputation.” It was a fun song that helped springboard her career—but what worked for her music career is not something that works well in a...

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Atlanta Law Firms Women Atlanta

Best Law Firms for Women in Atlanta

Women in the legal field have made strides and major career advances. Currently, there are more women applying to and attending law schools, and the number is expected to grow.  Law firms are starting to take the initiative to ensure...

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Building a Strong Portable Book of Business

For most attorneys, having a strong portable book of clients and referrals is a critical part of your legal career. Not only does a portable book of business bring in more clients, but it also helps you to communicate directly...

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Locked Door

Building Up Job Security

You finally landed your dream job at a good law firm. Regardless of whether you used a legal recruiter or did it yourself, getting into this position was only half the battle of a career. Once you are in the law firm,...

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Before Going In-House | The RMN Agency, Atlanta Legal Recruiters, Atlanta Georgia

Before Going In-House…

As an attorney, the range of jobs you can choose from varies depending on what you are looking for when it comes to legal work. Some people work in public defense, politics, litigation, or academia. Many people aim to work...

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Fake “Attorney” Makes Partner | The RMN Agency, Atlanta Legal Recruiters, Atlanta Georgia

Fake “Attorney” Makes Partner

Law students spend three, arduous years of studying in order to prepare for the Bar exam. Those who pass go on to begin their legal careers and dream of the days they can ascend to become partner. However, there are...

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