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Tips to Develop Your Legal Career

Whether you’re happily employed and ready to climb the ladder, or just hanging in there while you’re looking for something better, it is important for you to remember that to grow as an attorney, you must advocate for yourself and...

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Time to Work with Your Legal Recruiter! Associate Hiring Trends in the Atlanta Legal Market

Now is an excellent time to partner with a recruiter to practice in Atlanta. Consider the following indicators: Competition for legal talent is creating a lot of opportunity. The BigLaw marketplace is becoming more competitive in Atlanta. Top firms that...

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Quick Tips to Communicating “Fit” from a Legal Recruiter

Many times, candidates share with me the types of firms they want to lateral to. After a little bit of digging, I often find out that the candidate has actually wanted to work at that target firm for a while...

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Pro-Tip to Secure the Perfect Legal Job: Writing an Excellent Follow-Up

What advice have you heard about “following up” with your interviewer? Do you write a card (because “no one sends cards anymore”) or do you send a follow up email (again, because “no one sends cards anymore”)? Is your message...

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Getting the Most Out of Your Legal Recruiter

Most attorneys learn about legal recruiters from cold calls, random messages, or mass emails. It makes working with a recruiter to land the best legal job….a bit impersonal, to say the least. If you are thinking about working with a...

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Don’t Scare Away Law Firms and Legal Recruiters with Uncontrolled Worrying

Studies indicate that the legal profession is filled with chronically stressed and highly anxious personality types (it is kind of an expected thing with lawyers). The revolution of these heightened levels of anxiety and stress amongst lawyers resulted in increased...

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What are Some of the Best Law Jobs?

Ever wondered which specialties or legal career paths make best law jobs? The legal industry offers a diverse array of law career options (everything from the judge, the lawyer, or the courtroom administrator). Salaries can range from minimum to among the...

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Personal Professional Website Tips for Job Seekers | The RMN Agency, Atlanta Legal Recruiters, Atlanta Georgia

Personal Professional Website Tips for Job Seekers

The age of technology is upon us. As the world turns toward a more digital way of life, so does the way have started to look and apply for jobs. Even the legal industry is not immune to the new...

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Making the Most of Your Legal Internship | The RMN Agency, Atlanta Legal Recruiters, Atlanta Georgia

Making the Most of Your Legal Internship

In today’s job market, law graduates are expected to have participated in at least two internships during their undergraduate education. This can include externships, clinics, fellowships, summer associate jobs, clerkships, and working part time at a law office while attending...

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Refining Your Social Media Presence – Part 1

[caption id="attachment_3828" align="alignright" width="267"] It's time to update the way you connect with others.[/caption] Social media plays a significant role in the job hiring (and firing) process of attorneys. Hiring managers, recruiters, and companies are placing a greater emphasis on...

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