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Sniff Out New Opportunities to Advance Your Legal Career During the Year of the Dog!

To all of our friends and supporters who celebrate the Lunar New Year: Happy Year of the Dog! The 2018 Lunar New Year is celebrated on February 16th. This year marks the year of the Earth Dog. Those born under...

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The Secret to a Successful Legal Career? Be a Profit Generating Attorney

For those of you who began your careers as a law firm associate, think about your answer to the following questions: How long did it take before you felt like a reasonably competent lawyer? How long did it take for...

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Want to Love Your Legal Career? Learn to Love the Practice and Process

Although many aspire to climb the law firm ladder, few actually end up pursuing it. Even for those who opt out of the partnership track and go in-house or hang their own shingle take some time to define what “success”...

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Will Bitcoin Affect Legal Jobs?

If you have not heard these terms, you have probably been living under a rock… So what exactly is all of this, and how does it work? Bitcoin is a digital currency (also called cryptocurrency). Unlike currencies that we are...

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