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Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Zoom, Phone, or In-Person Interview

Photo by visuals on Unsplash After waiting months for a call-back, you have finally gotten an interview at your dream job. So, what happens next? You may be thinking, “preparing for the interview of course.” However, how you prepare will...

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Why Lawyers Should Relocate to Atlanta

Photo by Stephen Cook on Unsplash  This blog post was originally published on August 6, 2018 and has been updated.  Atlanta may not be the most obvious destination for attorneys looking to first establish their legal careers. Many new law grads and aspiring...

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Getting in the Right Mindset to Take the Bar Exam

Image by Jan Vasek from PixabayThis blog was originally published on June 12, 2018 and has been updated. If you are planning on sitting for the Bar Exam, now is the time to buckle down for some serious studying. Whether...

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Getting to GC

How to Get to the General Counsel Chair

Whether you move from a law firm directly into the position or climb the ladder as an in-house attorney, the path to becoming a general counsel can be difficult to parse out. Here are some tips on the legal skills...

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Daily Grind

How to Handle the Daily Grind as a First Year Associate

As law students from the class of 2019 get ready to begin their careers as first associates, many of them might be wondering how to succeed in their new positions. Here are some tips to help you hit the ground...

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Digital Trends in the Legal Field: The Exciting and the Concerning

Technological innovations continuously change the way we work and interact with each other. Some of these innovations can lead to exciting improvements in both our personal lives and our careers, but others might be cause for concern. What are law...

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Understanding the Keys to Lateral Success

So you’re working with a new firm! Congratulations! While there’s a lot to enjoy in this exciting new chapter of your career, you need to be prepared for some the specific challenges you will face as a lateral attorney. We...

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Figuring Out Whether a Firm Genuinely Cares About Its Attorneys

How many of you feel that your firm genuinely cares about you? For those of you reading who are employers of other attorneys — how do you think your team would answer that question if you were not around? Working...

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Preparing for a Graceful Exit to Begin Life at a New Firm

“When is your last day again?” This is a question that you will hear when you are preparing to leave your current employer and transition to a new employer. It probably feels a little weird to be asked that question...

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Getting Started: Being Able to Afford to Change Legal Careers

Looking for a change? Can you afford it? No really—do you have money to afford the change you are seeking? As a legal recruiter, a lot of times the topic of finance is narrowed to discussions about compensation. After all,...

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