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Brooklyn Law School Hosts “Legal Eats” Event

Date: December 07, 2015

Students at Brooklyn Law School are in the news yet again. This past September, the school hosted its first Legal Eatsevent, a food festival featuring local food, drink and craft entrepreneurs from around the New York City area. The idea of having a Legal Eatsevent came from the Brooklyn Law Entrepreneurship Club (BLEC). They wanted to host an event to showcase local entrepreneurs, and help them receive legal advice and referrals in exchange. This would give the local businesses an incentive to set up a booth at their event, as well as provide students with real-life experience. We cant forget to mention, delicious food and drinks as well.

What is “Legal Eats”?

The whole Legal Eatseven is a part of an even larger program. The school hosts a Center of Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE) program that provides students with real-world scenarios to represent and help real-world startups and business who need legal advice. According to the executive director, Paul Gangsei, Its important because law firms are increasingly looking for students with this kind of experience, and they get that while providing a service to the community.

In recent times, we have seen many law schools opening up programs that allow students to work toward their degree and gain real-life law firm experience. For example, California law schools and other surrounding states are starting law school incubators, where students learn the basics of being an attorney. There is only so much you can gain from a book that cannot be gained without hands-on experience.

Since this was the first event, it was not open to the public, but faculty, students and anyone who RSVP’d online could attend the event. Organizers decided to keep the event small for its grand opening, and hopes to host a bigger Legal Eatsin the spring. They also hope to move the events location to a larger space, and is looking at moving in front of the Supreme Court on Court Street in New York City.

Brooklyn Law School is thrilled to have started the program with its BLEC and CUBE members. They are eager to help small startups and business owners in a city where legal advice can be expensive and time consuming. In addition, the students are happy to provide all the help they can in order to gain real-life attorney skills. With no shortage of vendors, this event is bound to grow in the coming years.

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