September 10, 2018 Legal Advice

Steps for First Year Attorneys to Create a Successful Legal Career

Excited to start your new role as a law firm associate? You’ve probably heard the scary stories (the hours, complex matters, and stress). Hopefully you learned of the rewards as well: the monetary compensation, work experience, and learning from some insanely smart people. Having made the transition before myself, here are a few tips that...

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September 5, 2018 Legal Advice

What Laterals Should Plan For When Planning To Relocate

If you are an attorney thinking about taking your career to another market—or if you are the type of attorney who has always been open to relocation so that you may advance your career—there are some important points to keep in mind. Below, I summarize my understanding of why lawyers should be open to relocating...

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August 23, 2018 Legal Recruiting

Understanding How A Legal Recruiter Works

Summer is ending and autumn is on the horizon. This is usually a time for transition for attorneys. This is the time of year where new law school graduates celebrate the end of the bar examination and enjoy their last summer before practice, and first and second year law students go through their on campus...

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August 13, 2018 Legal Industry News

Great Questions to Ask When Hiring Lawyers

As a recruiter, it is my job to match candidates with their ideal roles—which requires me to unearth hidden talents that candidates might not even know they possess. I have heard seasoned partners describe that an attorney’s talent is merely an attorney’s personality under the right circumstances. Many times, attorneys—particularly young attorneys—surprise themselves with their...

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Here’s Why Lawyers Should Relocate to Atlanta

Atlanta isn’t the most obvious destination for attorneys looking to relocate or establish their professional practice. When aspiring lawyers think of where they begin their careers, they tend to imagine themselves in Manhattan or Washington DC—the respective homes of Wall Street and the nation’s capital. Often glorified by television and media such as Suits or...

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Pro-Tip to Secure the Perfect Legal Job: Writing an Excellent Follow-Up

What advice have you heard about “following up” with your interviewer? Do you write a card (because “no one sends cards anymore”) or do you send a follow up email (again, because “no one sends cards anymore”)? Is your message a brief “thank you for your time” or a substantive take-two where you address an...

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Shifting Focus Away from Credentials and Towards Skills to Land the Best Law Job

When it comes to landing the best law jobs, your pedigree may matter less than you think. It is what you did there that counts.   Employers across all industries are starting to understand that fancy credentials are not the best predictors of on-the-job success. The legal industry is particularly sensitive to credentials and pedigrees:...

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Don’t Scare Away Law Firms and Legal Recruiters with Uncontrolled Worrying

Studies indicate that the legal profession is filled with chronically stressed and highly anxious personality types (it is kind of an expected thing with lawyers). The revolution of these heightened levels of anxiety and stress amongst lawyers resulted in increased attention to mindfulness in law firms, law schools, and bar associations.   Maintaining a healthy...

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